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Sequential Decision Making

 with Gaussian Processes

Viacheslav Borovitskiy (Slava)

Sequential Decision Making

Gaussian processes — gold standard in uncertainty estimation

Gaussian Processes

Definition. A Gaussian process is random function $f : X \times \Omega \to \R$ such that for any $x_1,..,x_n$, the vector $f(x_1),..,f(x_n)$ is multivariate Gaussian.

The distribution of a Gaussian process is characterized by

  • a mean function $m(x) = \E(f(x))$,
  • a kernel (covariance) function $k(x, x') = \Cov(f(x), f(x'))$,

Notation: $f \~ \f{GP}(m, k)$.

The kernel $k$ must be positive (semi-)definite.

Gaussian Process Regression


  • a prior Gaussian Process $\f{GP}(m, k)$
  • and data $(x_1, y_1), .., (x_n, y_n) \in X \x \R$,

giving the posterior Gaussian process $\f{GP}(\hat{m}, \hat{k})$.

The functions $\hat{m}$ and $\hat{k}$ may be explicitly expressed in terms of $m$ and $k$.

An Application: Bayesian Optimization

Goal: minimize unknown function $\phi$ in as few evaluations as possible.

  1. Build GP posterior $f \given \v{y}$ using data $(x_1,\phi(x_1)),..,(x_n,\phi(x_n))$.
  2. Choose $$ \htmlClass{fragment}{ x_{n+1} = \argmax_{x\in\c{X}} \underbrace{\alpha_{f\given\v{y}}(x).}_{\text{acquisition function}} } $$ For instance, expected improvement $$ \alpha_{f\given\v{y}}(x) = \E_{f\given\v{y}} \max(0, {\displaystyle\min_{i=1,..,n}} \phi(x_i) - f(x)). $$

Bayesian Optimization 1/15

Bayesian Optimization 2/15

Bayesian Optimization 3/15

Bayesian Optimization 4/15

Bayesian Optimization 5/15

Bayesian Optimization 6/15

Bayesian Optimization 7/15

Bayesian Optimization 8/15

Bayesian Optimization 9/15

Bayesian Optimization 10/15

Bayesian Optimization 11/15

Bayesian Optimization 12/15

Bayesian Optimization 13/15

Bayesian Optimization 14/15

Bayesian Optimization 15/15

Bayesian Optimization



  • geostatistics,
  • robotics,
  • more...

Efficient Algorithms

Algorithms Connected to Gaussian Processes

And hyperparameter optimization! Complexity: $O(N^3 + M^3)$ for $N$ data points and $M$ sampling nodes.

Efficient Conditioning

Idea. Approximate the posterior process $\f{GP}(\hat{m}, \hat{k})$ with a simpler process belonging to some parametric family $\f{GP}(m_{\theta}, k_{\theta})$.

$O(N^3)$ turns into $O(N K^2)$ where $K$ controls accuracy

Titsias (2009, AISTATS)

Efficient Sampling From Priors

Priors are usually assumed stationary.

Idea. Approximate with a process of form

$$ \htmlData{class=yoyo}{ \tilde{f}(x) = \sum_{l=1}^L w_l \phi_l(x) \qquad w_l \overset{\textrm{i.i.d.}}{\sim} N(0, 1), } $$

which is easy to sample from.

$O(M^3)$ turns into $O(M L)$ where $L$ controls accuracy


Efficient Sampling From Posteriors

Idea. From a parametric family $\f{GP}(m_{\theta}, k_{\theta})$ build another family $\f{GP}(\tilde{m}_{\theta}, \tilde{k}_{\theta})$ which is easy to sample from.

$O(N^3 + M^3)$ turns into $O(N K^2 + M L)$ where $K$ and $L$ control accuracy

Wilson, Borovitskiy, Terenin, Mostowsky & Deisenroth (2020, ICML)

Geometry-aware Priors
on Manifolds and Graphs

Euclidean Priors: Matérn Gaussian Processes

$$ \htmlData{class=fragment fade-out,fragment-index=9}{ \footnotesize \mathclap{ k_{\nu, \kappa, \sigma^2}(x,x') = \sigma^2 \frac{2^{1-\nu}}{\Gamma(\nu)} \del{\sqrt{2\nu} \frac{\norm{x-x'}}{\kappa}}^\nu K_\nu \del{\sqrt{2\nu} \frac{\norm{x-x'}}{\kappa}} } } \htmlData{class=fragment d-print-none,fragment-index=9}{ \footnotesize \mathclap{ k_{\infty, \kappa, \sigma^2}(x,x') = \sigma^2 \exp\del{-\frac{\norm{x-x'}^2}{2\kappa^2}} } } $$ $\sigma^2$: variance $\kappa$: length scale $\nu$: smoothness
$\nu\to\infty$: Gaussian kernel (RBF)

$\nu = 1/2$

$\nu = 3/2$

$\nu = 5/2$

$\nu = \infty$

Gaussian Processes on
Non-Euclidean Domains

Non-Euclidean Domains



How should Matérn kernels generalize to this setting?

Explicit Formula for Compact Riemannian Manifolds

$$ k_{\nu, \kappa, \sigma^2}(x,x') = \frac{\sigma^2}{C_\nu} \sum_{n=0}^\infty \del{\frac{2\nu}{\kappa^2} - \lambda_n}^{-\nu-\frac{d}{2}} f_n(x) f_n(x') $$

$\lambda_n, f_n$: eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplace–Beltrami


Borovitskiy, Terenin, Mostowsky & Deisenroth (2020, NeurIPS)

Explicit Formula for Finite Undirected Graphs

$$ k_{\nu, \kappa, \sigma^2}(i, j) = \frac{\sigma^2}{C_{\nu}} \sum_{n=0}^{\abs{V}-1} \del{\frac{2\nu}{\kappa^2} + \mathbf{\lambda_n}}^{-\nu} \mathbf{f_n}(i)\mathbf{f_n}(j) $$

$\lambda_n, \mathbf{f_n}$: eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the Laplacian matrix


Borovitskiy et al. (2021, AISTATS)

Graph Matérn kernels: examples

$k_{5/2}(\htmlStyle{color:rgb(255, 19, 0)!important}{\circ},\.)$

An Application: Modeling Dynamical Systems with Uncertainty

$$ \htmlData{fragment-index=0,class=fragment}{ x_0 } \qquad \htmlData{fragment-index=1,class=fragment}{ x_1 = x_0 + f(x_0)\Delta t } \qquad \htmlData{fragment-index=2,class=fragment}{ x_2 = x_1 + f(x_1)\Delta t } \qquad \htmlData{fragment-index=3,class=fragment}{ .. } $$

Pendulum Dynamics: GP on a cylinder

(a) Ground truth

(b) Gaussian process

Borovitskiy, Terenin, Mostowsky & Deisenroth (2020, NeurIPS)

Traffic Speed Extrapolation on a Road Network

(a) Prediction

(b) Standard Deviation

Borovitskiy et al. (2021, AISTATS)

Wind Speed Modeling: Vector Fields on Manifolds

Hutchinson, Terenin, Borovitskiy, Takao, Teh, Deisenroth (2021, NeurIPS)

Thank you!

Thank you!

Special thanks: Ekaterina Noskova for the wonderful Bayesian optimization animations. viacheslav.borovitskiy@gmail.com                       https://vab.im


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viacheslav.borovitskiy@gmail.com                       https://vab.im